• Memo from Superintendent

    Welcome Message from Dr. David Sklarz, Superintendent

    Marlborough, Connecticut is the quintessential New England community within commuting distance of the capital city of Hartford. It is a blend of past generations who farmed the land years ago and the new generation of professionals who find the capital city their place of employment. What binds these different lifestyles is the quality of life that is found in this small town of Marlborough. It is where traditions of the past meet the commitment to the future. There is no more important commitment to the past, present and future than the commitment the citizens have always had and continue to have in the education of their children. They see the children as not only the present but the future and live that belief in not only words but with actions that speak louder than words.

    The Marlborough School District is a single pre-kindergarten through grade six school where children and families spend seven of their most formative years together in the education of the mind and body. It is more than a school but a school community-a way of life. It is more than just the academics but also includes the arts, physical fitness and building character. Families move to Marlborough for a quality of life that is focused on family and children, and education is at the center of that lifestyle. Parents are a vital part of the school community and are actively involved in all aspects of their child's education and a welcome partner in the school life. Children enjoy meaningful relationships with teachers who are child-centered and maintain the core values of the community. Class size is optimal to allow for the lasting relationships between student and teacher, school and home.

    It is not surprising that Elmer Thienes-Mary Hall School was the recipient of the CAS (Connecticut Association of Schools) award for positive school culture: for caring, concern and nurturing a child's growth and development each and every day. Academic expectations are high and our children far exceed similar school districts in academic excellence as measured by the Connecticut Mastery Test.

    Our school district is much more than test scores. The music and fine arts program are distinguished throughout the state and have won many accolades and awards. The school is committed to the vision statement: "Our vision is to inspire wonder, awe, and curiosity and to motivate young minds to embrace learning." Only in a town like Marlborough can 17 words be so powerful. You inspire wonder, awe and curiosity one child at a time and that's what defines the Marlborough School District. We have high expectations for our children and provide the positive support to achieve those high expectations. We also have high expectations for all of those professionals who make up this remarkable school so we provide them with the support and resources to reach those expectations. Our teachers love children, love teaching and love this community. It is all of this that brings families to Marlborough-a community where children come first and a school where every child is an individual and at the center of us all.