• General Information


    Welcome to Preschool at Marlborough Elementary School

    School Year: 2021-2022 - First Day - Thursday, September 2, 2021

    Phone #: 860-295-6220

    Contact Person:

    Dan White, Principal


    Marcy Spellman, Special Services Administrative Assistant, 860-295-6236


    Kathleen Filosa, Preschool Teacher 


    Marlborough Preschool Program:

    An integrated half day program servicing children between the ages of 3-5 years (must be, or turn 3 by September 1).

    Days / Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (No PK on Wednesday)  8:45 - 11:15/AM and 12:15 - 2:45/PM

    Follows school calendar (end of August to mid June)

    Ratio of Students to Adults: can be up to of 15 students to 1 Teacher and 2 paraprofessionals; in addition, Speech/Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and behavioral support as determined through the Planning and Placement Team process.

    Teacher Qualifications: Certified Special Education (MA)

    Philosophy: Based on the Guiding Principles of the Connecticut Preschool Curriculum Framework.

    Discipline Policy: Based on the philosophy that children can be competent problem solvers, given positive proactive support and direct teaching of skills.

    Types of Activities for children: Wide range of teacher and child directed activities in which program and individual objectives are integrated into typical preschool routines and experiences.

    Lottery: a relatively equal number of children without identified special needs is matched by age and gender to the enrolled children with special needs. Individuals are chosen from a pool of applicants who have participated in the fall or spring screening. Students chosen as models at age 3 will most likely have a slot the next year, however it cannot be guaranteed. Also, children who will be kindergarten eligible will not have the option of spending an additional year in the MES preschool.

    Potty training required for peer model students

    Parent Participation: Highly encouraged and expected at a variety of levels (not necessarily in the classroom) Volunteers in the classroom, building and at home.

    Cost of Program: No cost

    Registration Procedure: Participate in either the spring or fall preschool screening held at Marlborough Elementary. Dates posted in River East. Contact Marcy Spellman, mspellman@marlborough.k12.ct.us at 860-295-6236.