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School History

Mary Hall


Mary Hall was one of Marlborough's most famous citizens. She was the first woman lawyer in the state of Connecticut. She founded Marlborough's library and one of America's first boys clubs.

Mary Hall was born in Marlborough on August 16, 1843, and died in 1927. She grew up in what is now the Marlborough Tavern. She was a teacher in the early years of her life, but at age 35, she decided that she wanted to be a lawyer. Miss Hall first studied law with her brother, but he soon died. She next studied with a Hartford lawyer named John Hooker. She took the bar exam but was denied the right to practice law by the Connecticut Bar. The Connecticut Supreme Court decided in 1882 that she could practice law. She specialized in wills.

She was interested in helping others. In 1880, she founded the Good Will Club that helped boys get a good start in life. The Good Will Club's main headquarters was in Hartford although the boys came down to Marlborough to spend two weeks in the summer.

Mary Hall, with William Keirstead, founded the Richmond Memorial Library for the town of Marlborough. The library was in the basement of the old Methodist church, which was later purchased by the library. The library just recently turned 70 years old.

Because of her great accomplishments and contributions, Mary Hall has been honored by having a wing of the school named after her.

by Paul Soucy      Grade 6 .... 1994-95

Elmer Thienes


Elmer Thienes was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, on October 8, 1887. Twenty-three years later he graduated from the University of Michigan. After he graduated he moved to Hartford, Connecticut, to study at the Hartford Theological Seminary from which he graduated in 1913. He then took post graduate work at the Hartford School of Religious Pedagogy from 1914-1916.

Mr. Thienes was the director of religious education for the First Congregational Church of New Britain from 1913 to 1916. While he was in New Britain, Elmer Thienes was a Boy Scout Commissioner for the New Britain District. He was also active in the Y.M.C.A. on a local level. In 1917 Elmer went to Detroit and served there until he came to the county Y.M.C.A. here on October 1, 1918. For 31 years he was executive secretary of the Hartford County Y.M.C.A.

Elmer Thienes was known to many as "Pop". He was short in stature with a "jolly" personality. Mr. Thienes exercised a fatherly supervision over the youngsters at Camp Woodstock which he founded and directed for 25 years. In our town, Mr. Thienes organized boys' and girls' clubs and worked with the group of young women who were known for 50 years as the Ever Ready Group.

In 1918 Mr. Thienes took over the pastorate of the Marlborough Congregational Church and served there until his death in 1951.

As a memorial to him and as an example of the love and esteem felt for him by the townspeople, Marlborough has named the elementary school after him.

by  Sarah Schultz     Grade 6 ... 1994-95