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Art Contests

Art Contests and Celebrations

MES students have the opportunity to participate in various contests.


The Connecticut Association of Schools recognizes an outstanding artist and musician each year in February. 

International Opportunities:

Pentel of Am. LTD.:

Student work is entered into International competition annually. The international contest and exhibition is sponsored by Pentel of America. A sampling of student work is submitted to Pentel in October. The work is sent to California for level one judging. Selected pieces are then forwarded to Japan for final judging. Results are announced in June. Students that place in this arena are provided with a gold, silver, or bronze medal and a certificate with the prime ministers seal. They are also provided with supplies to continue their art production.

State Level Opportunities:

Fire Prevention (local, county and state levels):

Our fourth and fifth grade students focus on fire prevention. One student at each grade level is presented with an award from our local fire department. The selected poster from each grade is then forwarded to county level competition and, if chosen, proceeds to the state level.  

Poster contests provide a graphic arts experiences by combining lettering , image  and layout.  Annually, several oppurtunities are available for additional involvement in contests.

Local Opportunities:

Marlborough Arts Center exhibitions provide opportunities to display work within the community.