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Art Information

General Program Information:

The art program at Elmer Thienes - Mary Hall Elementary School is a program of hands - on involvement as well as of general appreciation for visual art through cultural, historic, scientific, perspectives.  Our program includes cross curricular connections and supports objectives contained within the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Students experience a variety of media and become more proficient with both tools and techniques as they progress through each grade.  Additionally, the students enjoy viewing and critiquing the work of the Masters. Often, their experience includes creating a personal work of art in the style of a specific artist.

Kindergarten-Grade 6 classes meet once weekly for 40 minutes.

Calendar of Events:

February:    CAS Awards State recognition for accomplishment in the arts.

March: Marlborough Art Center (MAC). A district wide sampling of student work K-12. Art in this show is created by students from Marlborough Elementary School, Gilead Hill School, Hebron Elementary School, Andover Elementary School, RHAM Middle and RHAM High School.

May (6:30-8:00 p.m.): Annual Art Show (a school wide exhibit featuring one piece from each student K-12). The show provides examples of curriculum throughout the year. In addition to viewing art there will be refreshments.