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Language Arts

Our Language Arts block consists of spelling, reading, and writing:

  • Spelling is done on a weekly basis with a unit packet given for homework.  Weekly spelling assessments are given on a Friday.  Children complete word work activities throughout the week to aid in learning their words.
  •  Reading consists of 8 Common Core Units:

                       1. Building a Reading Community

                       2. Folktales (Understanding Stories)

                       3. Reading for Information ( Non Fiction)

                       4. Elements of Fiction

                       5. Elements of Non Fiction ( Communities)

                       6. Understanding Characters

                       7.  Messages and Meanings

                       8.  Author's Message

Reading units are taught using guided reading, read alouds, and independent reading. Some units are supplemented with our current reading anthology ( Hartcourt)

  • All writng is incorporated into our reading units.  Children are taught sentence and paragraph structure, narrative writing, using information gained from text to produce non fiction books, and sharing their opinions through written language.  Within all of these units children are exposed to the Traits of Writing ( conventions, focus, fluency, elaboration, and organization)