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Literature and Reading Instruction:

  • Novels, non-fiction texts, short stories and poetry are vehicles used to drive active reading.  These skills include inferencing, connecting, visualizing, questioning, evaluating, and determining importance.

  • A focus will be on written responses to text, with graphic organizers provided to students to help aid in their responses.
  • Specific vocabulary instruction will be embedded throughout the year.
  • Class read alouds will act as universal texts for students to refer to when learning new reading concepts.
  • Independent reading is a crucial element of our reading program, both in class and at home. 
  • Each classroom has an extensive classroom library for students to enjoy.

Book reviews:

  • Three book reviews will be completed.  Instruction will include modeling, directions and rubrics.
  • Students may choose from any genre. 
  • Book review contracts will be completed for each book.