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Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music

Grade 3

Third grade general music classes are given instruction on the soprano recorder, a woodwind instrument.  A recorder is provided for each student to use.  Students learn to read treble clef notes and to play many different songs.  Students who enjoy recorder may perform at a concert, as part of the recorder band.  Learning the recorder provides students with fundamental music skills and readiness for the Band program.

Grade 4-6
Students have the option to participate in the band program. Learning an instrument is a journey and an opportunity for your child to become more prepared for the real world by developing many skills, as well as a rewarding hobby.  Uniquely, the band program helps children foster a love for music and explore their creative sides.   Families generally rent to own instruments, although the school owns several large brass instruments that students may borrow.  

Students have a small group, instrumental lesson once a week, on an assigned day.  The time of the lesson rotates so students do not miss the same content each week for the instrument lesson.  At lessons students explore a diverse range of music, as they learn new notes and musical concepts presented in the lesson book.  Students practice the concepts during the week, as they prepare for the next lesson.  Each week’s lesson builds on the foundation of the previous lessons.

Band is a larger group of students who meet weekly to prepare for concerts during the school year. This is in addition to the instrument lesson.

Nice clothes are required for concerts.