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Music Dept.

Mrs. Arseneault
Mrs. Burgess


Music Links for Kids

Many Orchestras have dedicated portions of their websites for student education.  Explore these websites to see and hear orchestra instruments and many other musical concepts. 

Dallas Symphony Orchestra
This site provides an opportunity to hear different instruments play, reasons for practicing and many musical games to play.

San Francisco Orchestra
This site shows the different instruments or the orchestra, the orchestra seating chart and a fun music lab.  The lab provides an opportunity to explore tempo, rhythm, pitch, harmony, symbols and instrumentation.  The performulator and composerizer provide children the opportunity to experiment with concepts learned in the music lab.

New York Philharmonic
Explore instruments and their families with many historical details!

Musical Glossary for Kids 

Our music program is based upon the enrichment of students' lives through the development of their inherent musicality. Readiness, skill level, and activity preference vary among children. Therefore, a variety of media are used to develop each child's maximum musical potential. We believe that children learn musical behavior by listening, creating and performing.

The various media used in the elementary music program include speech, movement, song, instruments and listening. Students are provided with the opportunity to participate in chorus, a select chorus (Harmonia), recorder band and various instrumental ensembles.