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Superintendent's Message

Marlborough Elementary School: Looking Forward Together

In educating the whole child at MES, our goal is for each child to develop academically as well as socially-emotionally to their fullest potential. We are committed to meeting learners where they are and leading them to acquire fundamental knowledge and skills. We create learner-centered conditions where students are active in their acquisition of knowledge as they build meaning, ask questions, and explain their reasoning. We hold high expectations for all students and their progress is monitored regularly so that appropriate instructional and programmatic adjustments can be applied for their benefit.  In support of academic aims are our school values of respect, responsibility and safety.  

Through strong relationships between students and teachers, with families as partners, our students are thriving and experiencing the joys of MES. We are very proud that our school was able to provide in-person instruction and continuity of services during the pandemic. We remain incredibly grateful to our Board of Education, educators, students, and families for making this happen. And still to some degree, the pandemic interrupted teaching and learning. That challenge presented an opportunity for us to re-focus upon what our school can do to promote student learning and growth. 

Our staff works tirelessly to provide a happy, invigorating learning environment while focusing upon implementing the intended curriculum and enhancing student progress. The educators at MES are enthusiastic, intelligent, creative, dedicated to the art and science of their work, and care deeply for their students.. With the intention of continually expanding the capacity of our staff, we enlist input and participation regarding program improvement, curriculum development, and operations. We have also expanded opportunities for professional development and collaboration.

To operate as an outstanding school in the service of children, the practice of continuous improvement energizes our direction, providing focus and coherence. Using data to determine student learning progress and engaging in a cycle of action, reflection, and adjustment enables our school to continuously improve for students and educators alike. Now in our third year of  operating with our Strategic Continuous Improvement Plan (SCIP), which specifies the school’s annual priorities, goals and actions to have all students achieve at high levels, we are seeing improving outcomes for students signifying a post-pandemic recovery and an excellent return on investment. This includes MES’ recognition as a State School of Distinction in Math and ranking 15th out of 182 schools on the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) assessment in 2022 as well as exceeding state accountability targets in 2023. 

Key components of our improvement processes include:

  • a spirit of community, trust, collegiality among staff members allowing us to generate creative solutions with input from varying perspectives to unify efforts to meet the school’s vision, mission, and goals and ultimately serve students to the best of our capacity.
  • an invigorated collaborative professional learning model that is grounded in a vision for high-quality evidence-based instruction informed by timely, meaningful and relevant professional development. 
  • data review systems to effectively and efficiently analyze student assessment data to monitor and enhance the individual growth of each child.
  • evidence-based practices across all curricular areas and targeted early intervention. 
  • urriculum and program development designed to articulate content and performance standards and assessments in all subjects at all grade levels. 

Our budgets are intended to provide the necessary investments in staffing, curriculum, instruction, professional development, and operations as outlined in the SCIP to run an outstanding, safe, and happy school. With the support of the Town, Board of Education, and the residents of Marlborough through the funds the budget provides, as well as through grants and revenue funds, we have been successful in:

  • Retaining and recruiting a highly-qualified and caring staff within community-valued class sizes as well as maintaining critical supports for students through related services including utilizing multi-year grant funds for Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) to build upon our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program to meet students needs.
  • Implementing a Literacy Program which is aligned to the Science of Reading- including comprehensive, explicit and systematic foundational instruction in grades K-3.
  • Implementing the K-6 Math Program with fidelity and positive student outcomes.
  • Supporting a robust Essential Arts and After-School Club program providing students with a well-rounded learning experience.
  • Expanding our integrated PreK program serving three and four year olds with special needs as well as peers. 
  • Investing in school safety and security systems as well as the addition of a full-time School Resource Officer (SRO).
  • Updating instructional technology in all learning spaces and launching an improved school district website.
  • Investing in Facilities and Technology to maintain and improve upon the school infrastructure, including plans to conduct an Architectural Study to inform Capital Planning.

MES is a wonderful school and all systems are aligned for even greater successes. We are thankful for the support of MES families who send us their wonderful children everyday!